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Party & Logo Choc Bars

Custom wrapped chocolate bars for all occasions.

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Custom Fortune Cookies

Provide a positive impact for parties, advertising, PR and promotional campaigns.

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Welcome to Sweet Affair

Sweet Affair offers the highest quality custom made, personalised products. We aim to provide our customers with a ‘Complete Solution’ for any event or occasion.

We can provide a large range of personalised options perfect for your next event. From Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Hen’s Nights, ┬ábombonierie, business marketing, large or small corporate events. The possibilities are endless. Check out our range on our website or contact us for a quote.


Damask choc pops custom bar petite mix CLEAR-BAG-WITH-STICKER CPCK08_LOGO-FORTUNE-COOKIES fortune cookie in noodle box cp_macaron_gift-box_image1 CPCK03_PRINTED-ANZAC-BISCUITS CPCK013_PRINTED-SWEET-SAVOURY-BISCUITS 50gm bag with sticker

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