Custom Printed Beans

Our printed beans are a new addition to our already exciting list of products!

You can choose to have just one colour of beans printed on or all the colours that smarties offer. They make great bonbonniere gifts for a wedding or to put your company logo on for your corporate event.

What ever you can think of they are a great way to say “thank you”.

Prices for custom printed beans

Set up fee – $63.00
1kg – $39.00
25gm bag – $2.50ea
50gm bag – $3.60ea
100gm bag – $5.45ea
50gm hang sell – $3.85ea
65gm jar – $6.60ea
65gm box – $3.85ea
65gm satchel – $5.65ea
NB: Maximum 20 characters can be printed on beans.

1kilo bag
25gm bag with sticker
50gm bag with sticker
100gm bag with sticker
50gm hangsell
65 gram jar
70gm clear box with sticker
65 gram satche